The Washington Square Arch has long stood as a symbol of New York University. Generations of young men and women have passed beneath it as new students, and viewed it as the centerpiece of their campus life. Scholars have created art and music in its shade, and for decades it served as the focal point of commencement celebrations. Even as New York University stretches its arms across the globe to embrace new cultures and opportunities, the arch remains the axis upon which NYU revolves. Throughout the country and the world, the Washington Square Arch represents the vibrancy, innovation, and energy of the University and of New York City itself.

The Society of the Arch was established to recognize those benefactors who have supported NYU's continued growth and reinvention with outright, six-figure commitments since September 1, 2010. These extraordinary donors are vital partners in the University’s mission of providing a world-class education to all. Like the Arch, their generosity will have an enduring impact on this great institution.

Society of the Arch Members

List as of September 9, 2019

Decorative Washington Square Arch and Fountain

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