Kobi Dent (STERN '19)


Recent graduate, Kobi Dent (STERN ‘19), was a scholarship recipient and now gives back to make an impact and help break financial barriers for those graduating after her. Support from donors helped her achieve a world-class education, and credits NYU for helping her become who she is today.

As a student, she was actively involved in Stern Legacy, a student organization that raises money for scholarships for incoming students. During her time on the committee, she was responsible for reaching out to her peers and sharing the impact of what collective giving can accomplish. “From $1, $5, to $18.31, 10 people donating can make a difference. “There are so many out there in the world who are passionate and over qualified. The only barrier is financial.”


Kobi Dent (STERN '19)

Scholarship Recipient

Sonia Gupta (STERN '21)

Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Major: Finance / Public Policy

A message of thanks:

I would like to express my deep gratitude for your generosity in funding the 1831 Scholarship Fund. With your support, I will now be able to continue all of my activities and passions with more ease as my year's coursework increases. This scholarship has provided me tremendous motivation and aid. Your help encourages me to work hard to overcome the numerous challenges a college student can face. Thank you again for making this award possible; your generosity truly means the world to me.

NYU has provided me with a space to grow personally and professionally. I have created strong bonds with both, faculty and students. I have the privilege to expand my passions and discover new opportunities every day. This campus is truly more than I could have ever dreamed of and I strive to take advantage of the plethora of resources provided. I identify as a female, Indian-American student on scholarship. By interacting with people from all walks of life, not only do my identities intersect with those of my peers, but I am constantly being exposed to new perspectives.


Muldarde Fortune (SILVER '19)

Hometown: Lake Worth, FL
Major: Social Work

A message of thanks:

I decided to pursue social work over the past couple of years. I graduated with a psychology degree in undergrad in 2015, but I realized that social work allows me to contribute towards providing people with the counseling they need to overcome their struggles.

I'd like to thank you for supporting me as I strive to complete my studies. I look forward to providing people with the support they need to live a healthy and happy life. Please know that your gifts allow me to do what is necessary now to prepare for the journey that lies ahead.

Muldarde Fortune

Aaron Gozum

Aaron Gozum (STEINHARDT '19)

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Major: Media, Culture & Communication

A message of thanks:

Thank you so much for supporting my academic endeavors through NYU Steinhardt. Without your financial support, I am certain that I would have had a much harder time making my dreams to study in New York happen. I am incredibly grateful and hope that my experiences and successes at NYU will make you  proud to be an NYU donor!

I hope to find opportunities to engage in research and apply for doctoral programs so that someday, I can be in the shoes of an educator to help inspire, promote and foster future scholars and professionals.

Monisha Weerasundara (LS '20)

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Major: Politics / Metropolitan Studies

A message of thanks:

This scholarship has made a world of difference for me.  I am eternally grateful for the donors that are kind enough to support the educational experience that has shaped me in invaluable ways.

I chose NYU because of the opportunity to spend my freshman year abroad in London.  I am most passionate about public service and education.  I am currently involved in community service work and philanthropy events through my sorority and my residential college.

NYU Student - Monisha Weerasundara

Carlos Pena Del Valle

Carlos Pena Del Valle (TANDON '18)

Hometown: Valencia, Venezuela
Major: Civil Engineering

A message of thanks:

Support during my college career helped my family in a time of need.  For that, we are eternally grateful and I hope one day I am in the position to provide the same support for other passionate students.

I chose NYU because I wanted to study and work in what I consider to be the most progressive and active city in the world.  I knew that being in a city that had such a competitive atmosphere would get the best out of me and push me to be a better individual, both socially and academically.

Mario Espinoza (SILVER '19)

Hometown: Tijuana, Mexico
Major: Social Work

A message of thanks:

I am so thankful and honored to have received scholarship support.  It has been tremendously helpful in fulfilling my dream education.  NYU offered me the opportunity to make that dream feasible, and helped me pursue the fight towards social justice. 

I decided to pursue social work in academia is because I will have a better chance at making an impact on low-income communities like the one I grew up in.  My mission is to represent and advocate minorities - specifically people of color - in New York and beyond.

Thank you for making an investment in my career, because it is an investment for the community and the greater good.

NYU Student Mario Espinoza