NYU Donor Blanca Tapia and two of her children

George (CAS ‘96) and Blanca Tapia (CAS ‘98) and family

George and Blanca’s story started at NYU where they met as undergrads. Upon making their gift to NYU on NYU One Day - the university’s annual day of giving - their three children asked why they chose to make a gift. George and Blanca then viewed this an an opportunity to share how NYU changed their lives and the importance of giving back. This curiosity led each of their three children to make their own individual gift on NYU One Day.

“We told them of the amazing experience and the great people we met there. As such, they've grown to love the university through our stories and annual visits to the campus. We let them know how good it felt to give something back knowing that it would benefit others to have their own amazing experience. We asked why they did that and the response was, "I want to help others go to NYU", "NYU is where we ALL started and I want to help people go there.” I can't remember who yelled it out but one of them said, "Now WE are all NYU!!!"  

Ignacio Pakciarz (STERN ‘96)

NYU Donor Ignacio Pakciarz

Dedicated to providing educational opportunities for the underprivileged, Ignacio has been giving to the annual fund since graduation. More recently, he created an MBA scholarship at Stern as a way to give back and acknowledge the school that was integral to his career.

“It’s a privilege to now serve the institution which has given me so much. This University has always been cutting edge, and I wanted to make a donation and join the board to help the school successfully navigate the future by expanding its breadth of programs and bolster its reach to students.” 

NYU Donor Nina Teckchandani

Nina Teckchandani Davis (SPS ‘16)

Nina started her journey with NYU in the year of 2013. After graduating, she went on to work in human resources at the United Nations, and has since moved on to an HR executive leadership position at a highly rated hotel in Manhattan. She understands the importance of work-life and study balance and most importantly, how anybody at NYU can succeed under any strenuous circumstances and make the best of their life/career, especially in a fast paced environment like New York.

“I believe in paying it forward and take pride to be a part of this precious NYU community that works together to help both students and alumni.”