Thank you to our generous NYU community members who join together each year to sustain the academic excellence that is NYU.  Your gifts make it possible for students to afford the NYU experience, and for faculty to continue innovative research.  Read on to learn more about the impact donors have on our University community.

Graduating to Giving


Nana Apraku (STERN '18), now an alumni, shares how donors like you made an impact on her academic career.

Rising Violets

  • NYU's crowdfunding platform, RISING VIOLETS has launched 53 projects to date allowing students and programs to raise funds for conferences, scholarships and mentoring projects.
  • More than $100,000 has been raised from over 800 donors.
NYU Stock Photo - Students

  • Scholarship Aid is our #1 priority. The average scholarship amount awarded to freshmen is $37,000.
  • The Momentum Campaign is dedicated to raising $1 billion to generate scholarship support.
  • Last fiscal year, over 43,000 donors joined together and raised $33 million.
  • 84% of those gifts went to student support and academic research. 
NYU Stock - Graduation

  • 20% of the incoming freshman class are first-generation college students.
  • Class of 2022 is the most diverse class in NYU history.